Friday Five

Friday Five


Hi there strangers..... it's me... Karen.... Do you remember me?  I blinked and it's been months since I've posted and even longer since I've posted anything non-flip related!  I have a lot of good stuff to share with you, but in my first effort to get my posting back to regular, I present you a new series- Friday Five!  5 things that have either been on my mind, I've been working on, or that I just want to share each week.  My goal is to post here regularly twice a week, but the other content will be more fluid.  When we get another flip, I may either shuffle my previous Flip Fridays to another day, or maybe shift this series to the Saturday Six.... I'll let you weigh in when the time comes!  Ok, enough babbling!  

I have so many good before and after photos to share with you!!!!!!!! 6 months after getting the office we finally completed the last few elements and have after pictures to show!  Check back next week for that.  I also have before and afters of a kitchen that was completed almost a year ago, AND I'm finally forcing myself to take photos of Copper Dot Baby's nursery.  He's only 14 months now.  No big deal (eek!).  Here's a sneak peek of the kitchen I mentioned that I snapped on my phone.  Are you in love with that vintage rug as much as I am??


Have you heard the NPR podcast TED Radio Hour?  So good!!  They usually pick a specific topic, pull from past TED talks, and dive a little deeper with those TED speakers.  Last weeks was especially poignant and delved into attention, distractions, and awareness in our current iphone-as-another-appendage culture.  We all know we've become dependent on our phones, but when you hear it compared to a slot machine it starts to put things in a different light.  Especially since having Copper Dot Baby I feel like my attention span has gone off the deep end.  Not that I actually plan on changing my habits per se, but now I'm going to be a bit more aware.  Check it out!!


Spring Brimfield has come and gone, and I never played show and tell!  If you follow me on instagram, you've gotten a glimpse of one of the items.  For myself I purchased this pretty lady who has been haunting me since seeing her last year's Brimfield:

Also at Brimfield, I found a few business items.  For future client projects, art was calling my name!  These cute little fruit paintings are getting reframed to freshen them up a bit.

I also came home with this vintage paint by numbers. I love the moody colors!

All three of these paintings are up for grabs at the moment.  I have a potential home for the fruit, but the moody seascape is just looking for a room to call home.  I could totally build a fun, funky modern room around the paint by numbers.  Who's interested??  Contact me if you'd like me to come up with an e-design for your space with this beauty included!


Don't think I could pop back on this blog without giving you a quick flip status update!  Our radar is up for the next project, but the numbers really have to align.  With client work keeping me super busy, we need to find a project that the budget will allow me to hand the project to my contractor while I stick to the designs and not the dirty work.  We were hopeful about a cute little house a few minutes from home, but the auction price surpassed our max number unfortunately.  Hubby is daydreaming about victorian multi-families in his hometown 45 min away (where we started flipping) but we haven't found the right money pit yet.  Of course I say "money pit" lovingly since that is our bread and butter.  There's not a ton of local home inventory so we may be sans flip for a bit.  We shall see!!!  I'm not in a rush to add a flip back onto my plate, but I will when the right house pops up!


I'm getting started on a super exciting project that I'll be giving you updates on here as it builds momentum, but just a teaser to start you off.... This nice, yet basic raised ranch is going to look (hopefully) nothing like a raised ranch in a year and change from now.  I'll be helping a very fun family make their ok house in their ideal area into the home they really want.  Trust me- this one is going to be GOOD!!!  (image via Google Streetview circa 2013)